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Join the movement
to end Parkinson’s disease.

Meet The Spark, the international symbol for Parkinson’s awareness.

World Parkinson’s Day is April 11th. Help us get the word out about the fastest growing neurological disease on the planet.

Join Us

We’re coming together to put Parkinson's Disease in the past.

We represent a global alliance of Parkinson’s organizations from over 80 countries. Together, we’re mobilizing our community to spark change.

This World Parkinson’s Day, we’re calling on those impacted by the disease to stand up, speak out and unite to end Parkinson's. We can break the stigma around our disease, lead the call to fund medical breakthroughs and together we can put Parkinson’s in the past.

PD Avengers
Parkinson's Europe
Ending Parkinson's Disease
International Parkinson's Movement Disorder Society
Michael J. Fox Foundation
Cure Parkinson's
Parkinson UK
Brian Grant Foundation
Davis Phinney Foundation
Parkinson's Africa
Parkinson's Foundation
Parkinson Canada
PD Warrior
Alianza Iberoamericana de Parkinson
American Parkinson's Disease Association
Asociația "Mai puternici decât boala Parkinson"
Associazione italiana giovani parkinsoniani
BC Brain Wellness Program
Canadian Open Parkinson's Network
Charco Neurotech
Comitato Italiano Associazioni Parkinson
Con P de Parkinson
Empower Parkinson's
Entraidon Nous
European Parkinson Therapy Centre
Fuerte es la vida Parkinsons
Hilde Ulrichs Stiftung
Impact Parkinson's
International Parkinson Disease Genomics Consortium
Parkinson's International Foundation
Parkinson's Alliance
Parkinson's Orange County
Parkinson's Resources
Parkinson's Unity Walk
Parkinson's Wellness Project - Canada
Parkinson's Wellness Project - USA
Parky Life
PD Avengers Schluss Mit Parkinson
Ping Pong Parkinson's
PMD Alliance
Power Over Parkinson's
Rosy Gallery
Shaky Nation
Shake It Up Australia
Stop Parkinson România
Sport Parkinson's
Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic
Stop PD
Twitchy Woman
Unshakeable MD
The Parkinson Games
University of Dundee MRC
U-Turn Parkinson's
Voice Aerobics
When Life Gives You Parkinson's
World Parkinson's Coalition
Parkinson’s Association of West Michigan
World Parkinson's Program
Women's Parkinson's Project
Yes And Exercise
Yuvedo Foundation
It’s Not Funny
LSVT Global
Parkinson's Si Buko Uganda
Parkinson Disease Patients Welfare Society
Nuero Heroes
Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre
Life Design Institute for PwP (Japan)
Pacific Parkinson’s Research Institute
Parkinson’s Australia
Spotlight YOPD
Parkinson Society of Southwest Ontario
Parkinson Art
Parkinson Society of Nova Scotia
Shaky Radio
Living Better with Parkinsons
Parkinson Association of Alberta
Parkinson Place
Parkinson Society of British Columbia
Parkinson TV
Parkinson Net
A Soft Voice
Adewunmi Desalu
Ibero-American Parkinson's Alliance
All About Parkinson's
Beat Parkinson's Today
Dance for PD
France Parkinson
Health Unmuted
Insignals Neurotech, LDA
My Moves Matter
Tremble Clefs of Orange County
Parkinson Journal
Parkinson's Si Buko Uganda
Parkinsons South Africa
Parkinson's New Zealand
PDGI - Parkinson's Disease Gastrointestinal Clinic
PDMDS - Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Society in India
Rock Steady Boxing
Senior Star Elmore Place
Team Paddle Against Parkinson's - France - Paddle contre Parkinson
Dancing with Parkinson's
Insight into PD Conference
Parkinson's Connect Live
Spinning Wheels Relay
Keep Moving Foundation - Bangalore, India
Rochester Parkinson's Network

Meet the entire alliance of Parkinson's organizations and learn how you can get involved individually. If you are an organization, learn how you can join our movement today.

The Spark?

The spark is our bolt of energy and inspiration for the global Parkinson's community.

The spark is inspired by the electrochemical neurotransmitter, dopamine, which is key to motor function, mood and decision making. It is critical for people with Parkinson’s to retain it – and devastating when depleted.

We are reclaiming the spark as our source of energy and inspiration. We’re asking all those impacted by this disease to share their spark and join us in standing up so we can end this disease.